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Could Your Child Be Going Back to School With Bad Breath?

Going Back to School With Bad Breath

Often we think bad breath, clinically referred to as halitosis, as something that only afflicts adults who never brush their teeth or consume copious amounts of coffee and cigarettes. Truth is, bad breath can happen to anyone of any age, even those who brush every day.

Bad breath has just as much to do with what we put into our mouths as how often we brush it. But the unsavory goes beyond the obvious offenders like garlic and onions. Sugar and starch can create a bad-breath brew, too. Could you be packing bad-breath lunches for your child?

Find out how to keep your child’s mouth fresh and cavity-free throughout the school day…

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How to Help Your Child From Becoming a Bad-Breath Billy or Betty

Find out how to keep cavities away and bad breath at bay throughout the school day.

What you will learn:

  • What foods can brew bad breath
  • Where bad-breath-promoting ingredients hide
  • How to read food labels to know if they contain ingredients that empower bad breath and cavities
  • What your child can do to clear away food debris when a toothbrush can’t be found

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