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Tooth Replacement-An Act of Prevention

Tooth Replacement-An Act of Prevention

Most people recognize the need to fill a cavity – cavities lead to infection, infection leads to root canals or tooth loss. Simple. But the importance of replacing lost teeth is often not realized – losing just one tooth can lead to losing more teeth.

For many, especially for those on a tight budget, replacing teeth that can’t be seen is viewed as a vain extravagance, or just downright unnecessary. Yet, losing just one tooth can lead to bone loss…which can lead to more tooth loss. Replacing teeth with dental implants has substantial benefits. Even implant-supported dentures have an advantage over regular dentures.

So, why is tooth replacement with implants less about smile vanity and more about a healthy smile?


Tooth Replacement-An Act of Prevention

Your teeth can be like slow-moving dominoes… if one falls down, the others will eventually follow. This guide will explain the importance of tooth replacement beyond the obvious. It will also provide the benefits of implant-supported dentures over regular dentures.

What you will learn:

  • How implants help preserve the placement of all your other teeth
  • What can happen to a jaw bone without a tooth root
  • How an implant can save your jaw bone
  • The benefits of implant-supported dentures

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